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My Favorite Timer will immediately become your favorite timer

  • Super fast configuration
  • Easily read across the room or at your desk
  • No lengthy user guide
  • Looks great on iPhone or iPad
  • Easily be used by adults, teens, and toddlers

Time Without Numbers

Time is kept by color rather than numbers. The color sections fill in relative to the amount of time set for each section.

Super Fast Setup

Double tap to reach the settings screen, set the minutes for each color segment and go.
Super fast.

Noisy or Silent - Your Choice

Choose to end the time with an alarm or silently stop timing.


Great Looks

Three vibrant colors provide all you need to time your activity.

Easy to Read

Large color sections can be seen across the room or at your desk.

How it works

Rather than a countdown clock, My Favorite Timer presents three equally sized sections. Each colored section fills at the speed relative to the number of minutes you set for that section. The total time is the sum of the three sections. Once the time is complete, you can optionally play an alarm sound as an additional indicator.

The video shows a time lapse use of My Favorite Timer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you use numbers?

My Favorite Timer is a new, unique timer that uses three colors to tell time so it’s easily used by any age - even if you can’t read numbers.

Can I set my own alarm sound?

Future versions of My Favorite Timer will allow you to select from many alarm sounds. For now, it’s just the one sound that you can choose to play or not play at the end of the timer.

Why doesn’t it have this feature?

What feature are you looking for? Use My Favorite Timer in different situations and let me know what features you think are missing. I want to make sure My Favorite Timer becomes your favorite timer.

Where has this been my whole life?

You’ll have to ask my wife (as per the “Story behind the app”).

Story behind the app

My wife, Jennifer, is an outstanding meeting planner and program manager. We were talking about one of my other apps and she explained a need she had for her work.

Many of her meetings have concurrent speaker sessions that must finish at the same time. Eash speaker is supposed to track his own time. There are physical timers that present time tracking the way Jennifer wants, but no apps do the job.

We collaborated to design and develop what is now My Favorite Timer. While testing it we used My Favorite Timer as a cooking timer, work timer, and a time-out timer for our grandson.

I’m sure My Favorite Timer will quickly become your favorite timer too.

Rien Heald

The Tech Guy

Jennifer Heald

The Inspiration

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